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Full Life Coaching

This 3 month package will start by identifying your most important roles.  Then in the following sessions, we will investigate each role.  I will break down how you can make progress towards your goals and banish the obstacles.

Clarity Crafting Session

This one-hour session will give you momentum towards productivity to streamline your life.  As your coach, I will give you the vision to create space in your day.

Michelle Ray, Account Manager

I'm a mother of a busy 12 year old daughter. I have a full-time "always challenging" career and I have MANY dreams, desires and demands. I often struggle to do what I need to do for myself in order to be who/what I want to be. I let time get away, and I'm nowhere closer to what I want to achieve during this lifetime! Sound familiar?

In my coaching with Jen I walked away feeling like "I CAN DO THIS." She helped me, take a deep look at my calendar, prioritize and ask myself important questions which allowed me to "find some white space."  Jen lead me to create timely steps needed to walk me closer to my desired outcomes. She did so with grace and a way that I can make "small wins" as I walk "not run" towards my goals/dreams/desires. Jen is an inspiring, compassionate coach with a positive contagious style. She provided me with just the right momentum I needed, at just the right time! Thanks Jen, I look forward to our next sessions so you can keep me on track and hold me accountable! I highly recommend you treat yourself to one session with deserve it! 

Carly Sherer, Product Specialist

I have A LOT of indsutry associates and friends ask how I get so much done.  I recommend they consult with Jen.  Her coaching style lines up with how I structure my work and personal life.

Gina Heintz, Case Manager

Jen’s advice helped me set realistic goals with a clear direction for where I want to go in life. I procrastinate less each day because I have vision for where I’m headed.

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