Hi, I’m Jen.  


The idea for Life After Busy came to me during a sob session on my first yoga retreat.  Each day started with 25 minutes of silent meditation.  The first time I sat cross-legged and began chanting OM in this rustic temple,  I came completely unglued in less than two minutes.  


The flood of emotions took me by surprise.  This wasn’t me.  I’m the Type A girl that gets it all done without breaking a sweat but not this time.


Life and all its messiness came down on me in that ashram.  I finally had stopped and looked inside.  There were no to-do lists or news feeds to distract me.  I had pushed through the worst year of my life and the only way out was by turning inside.


The flood of tears had been welling up while I fought cancer alongside my mom.  I didn’t have time to feel those emotions because I was busy still being someone for everybody else.  When cancer took my mom too soon, life shook me HARD.  I finally took the time to recognize the emotions and vulnerability I had pushed aside.


This was the wakeup call I needed to see that there is more to life than being busy.  Before I packed up my yoga mat, I promised myself that I would find a way to live beyond exhaustion as a status symbol.    


I hope our paths have crossed before you’ve reached your breaking point.  


Life After Busy is a place where you can break free from the busy trap.  I’m harnessing my Type A powers for good.  Time management and productivity are skills you can take outside the office. There also needs to be space in your life for self-care or you might end up ugly crying on a yoga mat in the woods.


I am a writer and coach to help you find the path to a fulfilled life.  It can be a dark and scary journey but you don’t have to do it alone.


We are living during a distracted time.  There’s so much competing for our attention  - family, friends, career, social media, the list goes on and on.


There’s more to life than constant interruption.  We need to find a way to fight through all that noise to focus on what’s most important.  Small tweaks to refocus.  There is life after being busy. 

Learn to become who you want to be tomorrow.

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