Your Ultimate State of Flow Guide

Feb 02, 2023

Have you ever been so absorbed in your work that you lose track of time and all other distractions just drift away? If so, you may have experienced the state of flow. But what exactly is flow state?

Flow state is defined as a state of concentration so focused that it amounts to absolute absorption and inactivity. The concept was pioneered by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and has since been researched and widely recognized as a beneficial state to achieve in work or other activities.

Skiing down the face of a mountain gave me that feeling for the first time. It wasn't long before I could translate that into my work. There are times when my fingers fly across the keyboard.

The Benefits of Flow State

Hopefully, you've experienced this before and can relate, but even if not, let's go over a couple of benefits.

  • Increases happiness and helps you escape your everyday routine
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Ties you into intrinsic motivation and provides clarity on what you're doing


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How Do You Write a Life Plan (Part 2)

Jan 26, 2023

We are in the thick of winter, so the mornings here are dark. For my morning run last week, I had to dig out my headlamp because the storms in CA have left a ton of debris on my path, and the street light is not enough to avoid the branches.


The headlamp was dead because I hadn't used it in so long. I looked at the charging port and it looked different. Later that weekend I took about 20 minutes to go through a box of charging cables and finally turned to hubby when I continued to come up empty-handed. It took him less than 30 seconds to get it plugged in and charging.


Two completely different approaches. His way more effective but isn’t this how life goes? There’s more than one approach to everything.


This got me to thinking, I’ve talked a lot about my roadmap for life but there’s more than one approach. Let's get into some different ways to look at this. 


Let Life Happen

The first approach to life is to let it happen and go...

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My 2023 Planner Setup & Review

Jan 12, 2023

A new planner can be a special treat, whether you pick it up at Target or open your front door and discover a package waiting for you. In case you're not with me, this video may not be for you. 


Today, I'm sharing with you my process for setting up my planner for 2023. 


The planner that I use, and I'm going to share with you today, is the full Focus planner by Michael Hyatt. I've tried a bunch of different styles and I keep coming back to this one again and again and again. You're going to see why as we go through this video. 


There are different in the cover design. They even now have a spiral-bound version.  I start by going back to Q1 of 2022 and looking at my annual goals. I do feel the one thing that this planner is missing is the annual review.  There's a place to do a quarterly preview because it's broken down into a quarterly system. So at the end of December, I was just looking at where I was for my Q4 goals. I created a process...

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End of Year Reflection 2022 Prompts

Dec 22, 2022

“Life can only be understood backwards; but It must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkegaard


Ironic and a bit tragic, but you can learn a lot from your past if you take the time to pause and reflect.  Move forward into tomorrow a better version of yourself. Trust in a better tomorrow earned by the mistakes of yesterday.


A time like the end of the year lends itself to this kind of reflection. We don't need the calendar to flip to inspire this kind of reflection, but since we're here, let's do it.

Set a Vibe

Let's start by setting a vibe, because it's so much more fun. Get comfy and here are a few things to think about:

  • Music
  • Smell
  • Lighting



Don’t just look at one very narrow pocket of life. I want you to think about all of the buckets in your life. Revisit this post for a refresher. So yes, your business, your work, your relationships, your health. Lots of us think about our health at this time of the year. Think about your hobbies....

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How to Design Your Life (My Process for Achieving Goals)

Dec 15, 2022

Are you team NY resolutions? Or maybe you’re more of a theme word for the year kind. Perhaps January 1st is just another date on the calendar for you.


Goal setting moves into the spotlight as we enter a new year-regardless of the path you chose.


According to a study by FranklinCovey, a global performance improvement company. four out of five people that make New Year's resolutions never actually complete them. In fact, a third won't even make it until the end of January. Sounds like a recipe for failure.  Instead of setting resolutions, a good question to ask yourself is who do you want to be in 2023? 


Today I want to share my process for achieving goals. Goal setting isn't something you visit just while you watch the ball drop. 


Resolution vs. Goal

First, let's define a goal and a resolution. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something, a firm decision I want to highlight that part. There doesn't seem to be any space...

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How to Avoid Overwhelm During the Holidays

Dec 08, 2022

My eyes welled up as I rolled cookie dough balls amidst flour-dusted countertops and a tower of dishes taller than me in the kitchen sink.


What I had intended to be a fun day of baking with my family had ended with a screaming match and me up to my eyeballs in cookie dough and left alone to fill 3 dozen cookie tins with a cute bow on top.


Some of my best holiday memories were baking cookies with mom and this cookie explosion in my kitchen left me feeling like a failure and completely overwhelmed.


Now I know better and I’m happy to report that I’m looking forward to baking cookies this year. In fact, my whole scrooge attitude for the holidays has turned around thanks to my new outlook on avoiding overwhelm.


I want to share with you how I have gotten to this new outlook and the secret is creating reasonable expectations during the holidays. In the scene I described above, I was trying to bake sugar cookies. You know, those perfectly formed...

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Be Grateful and Stop Complaining

Nov 17, 2022

Kvetching means complaining in Yiddish.

It is something I have known since childhood. Having a Jewish mom and Jewish grandparents shaped my upbringing. Funny how we are influenced by our environment as children. 

Since becoming an adult, I have noticed I complain more than I'd like to, whether it is because of my upbringing or not. In today's post, I'd like to talk about why we complain and how to choose gratitude instead. 

Complaining Defined

Let's look at the definition of complaining: to express grief, pain, or discontent, but also expressing satisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.

What's the difference between complaining and expressing emotion? 

In a conference, when you listen to a speaker, you may say, “that speaker was boring.” That's complaining, but you can also say, “I did not learn anything from that speaker.”

Reframing it as an emotion takes the complaint out of it, but it also gives you an opportunity to...

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My Favorite Way to Show Gratitude

Nov 10, 2022

Bravo to you!


Nice!! And not a problem!! love you too!


Good morning!!!! Thank you so much for your text!!! So happy!! Love you, my friend!


How would you like to get messages like this on your phone on the regular?


I'm going to share with you a practice I started about a year ago that has blown my phone up with these messages and made life more meaningful.


I want to talk about my favorite way to show gratitude. This practice fills my phone with messages like the ones above. 


When you hear the words gratitude practice, your mind may go to writing in a journal or gathering around a Thanksgiving table. 


I practice differently.  I send a message of gratitude to someone.  It could be a friend, family member, coworker, etc.  I recognize them for having done something good.


Acknowledge them with detail. Check out the video above for an example. If you want a deeper dive into gratitude, I held a masterclass on...

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7 Boring Things to Automate to Simplify Your Life

Oct 27, 2022


I’m BORED!!!! As a parent these words make me cringe, but what if I told you there was a way to eliminate some of the boring tasks in your life?


Yep, automation. Today I’m going to point out 7 boring things you can automate today to spend more time doing what you LOVE!


Automate Boring Work

 Sales/ Marketing Funnel:

To make money, we need leads for our business. That's why many of us started these businesses in the first place. The good news is that by using an evergreen funnel, you can automate this process and take out the hassle of following up with leads constantly from your business. You can do this in a variety of ways. Brendon Bouchard taught me about the opt-in value offer model, and there are many different ways to create opt-ins. Among them are PDFs, video series, quizzes, and micro audio Summits. 


With this funnel, you get their email address and give them some value. They love what they see, so you make an offer, and it's...

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The Art of Delegating Effectively

Oct 20, 2022

When you're stressed or feeling like you can't keep your head above water, taking a little something off your plate is the best feeling.


A good way to achieve this is through delegation, but so many of us get it wrong or have fears surrounding it.


Myself included. 


In order to focus more on growing my business, I hired a virtual assistant about a year ago. Her responsibilities included engaging my followers on Instagram. After a few months, I realized that the $$ I was sinking into that was a waste. It wasn't because she wasn't doing her job, but because I hadn't grown my brand voice and account to the point that it was ready to take over.


Lesson #1 delegate the right stuff. Check to see if the task you are passing off can be done better by whoever is getting it, or if it is one you are running smoothly and can be passed on with a detailed workflow. Where do you find "the right stuff"?

  • Make a list of your tasks
  • Identify your most leverage work (your...
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