12 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media

productivity Mar 24, 2022

I’ve been hacked!


Fortunately, I’ve been able to recover my Instagram account but now I’m cleaning up the mess the hacker left behind.  Ironically on the same day, the hacker struck I participated in a Clubhouse room led by


Stephanie Deininger alongside Katie Matusky, and our special guest Jana Osofsky to share out top tips


on how to stay organized on social media. We gave tips for both creators and regular users that can be utilized on different platforms. If you prefer to listen to the replay, CLICK HERE (it's a great way to follow along with our list and you don't have to download the app!). 


If you feel your social media is due for a little spring cleaning, here’s the list:

  1. Create circular viralocity (Brendon Bruchard's term) create a longer piece of content on a weekly basis and break it into smaller chunks (like Jana mentioned) but then have those posts link back to your longer-form content which will hopefully get them to opt into your email list (for creators) – Jen T.
  2. Set intentions – be clear why you are going into social media so you don't lose time down the rabbit hole (for creators & users). – Jen T.
  3. Use project management software (like Asana, ClickUp, Air Table, Trello) to create a repeatable checklist of the steps you use to break down larger content into multiple pieces of social media content. (e.g. 4 IG posts, 2 IG stores, 2 IG reels, 3 Clubhouse rooms, 3 Pinterest idea pins, 6 Tweets) (for creators) – Jana O.
  4. f you engage a lot on IG, keep a google sheet or doc with the URL for profiles you are engaging/nurturing. Open each in a separate tab and get commenting! (Make it fast to access profiles) (for creators) – Jana O.
  5. Automate Sending Reporting/Metrics to Yourself and Key Team Members so that you are actively looking at your metrics and adjusting your strategy accordingly week-to-week, based on real-time data (for creators). – Katie M.
  6. Use your PM tool to track the success metrics for each social channel and whether or not your team is meeting or missing those metrics every week. This will help you distinguish roadblocks in your processes, as well as discern if a drop in results has to do with the content/strategy itself or if it's a team challenge because it's not getting done (for ceators). – Katie M.
  7. The Bookmark/Saved function. This is a great function to use to save posts you want to engage in later on. Remove them off of your saved folder once you’re done. (for both consumers & creators). – Stephanie D.
  8. Pick a pre-scheduler like Facebook's Business Suite or Tailwind. Many social media platforms have a native scheduler that will saves you time.(for ceators) – Stephanie D.
  9. Create collaborations for both for competitors and other biz that serve your niche, this will help you both grow and further your authority (for creators). – Jen T.
  10. For Pinterest: Make a keyword master list and use it each time you pin. So you're not re-inventing the wheel. (Use CTRL+F to find relevant keywords). – Jana O.
  11. Have specific days of the week that you focus on sales conversations in the DMs and prompt them on those days only so you can have someone waiting and ready to have those conversations (for ceators). – Katie M.
  12. Create a mood/vibe board to share w your team. So they know what you’re looking for and how you want things to look, sound and feel. It will save you time and effort. (for creators) – Stephanie D. 


Jana Osofsky is a Pinterest Marketing Expert & Educator helping people grow their Pinterest audience. You can find her on Instagram, Clubhouse, and at https://janaomedia.com/ 


Katie Matusky is a Systems Integrator, helping business leaders build systems and teams that can run without them. You can find her on Instagram, Clubhouse, and at https://www.entropyorganized.com/ 


Stephanie Y. Deininger is a professional organizer & productivity specialist, helping people get and stay organized. You can find her on Instagram, Clubhouse, and at https://theorganizedflamingo.com/

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