End of Year Review for Mompreneurs

focus Dec 30, 2021

In another lifetime (pre-kids) I worked as a pharma rep.  I would schlep drug samples to doctor’s offices all around Sacramento, the East Bay, and Napa.  At the end of the year, I would have a performance review with my District Manager.  A process many of you know if you ever spent time working for someone else.  


Regardless of whether the review was positive or negative, you always learn something about yourself. Today I want to make a case for how you can spin this process for your mom biz.


Let’s take a look:


Your Accomplishments

You need to celebrate those wins.  Take some time to review what you accomplished in 2021. Do you have a brag file? If so, great! Spend some time flipping through it. If not, here are some tips to spark your memory.

  • Review your calendar
  • Scroll through photos
  • Revisit social media posts
  • Flip through your journal


Day to Day

How you spend your time, regardless of what’s on your vision board, is the biggest indicator of your priorities. First, take a look at your daily activities.  We all have tasks we have to do in our businesses that we don’t like. You need to minimize those and spend more time in your zone of genius.  Also, take a look at your daily routines. Ask yourself if they are still serving you.


Time to Grow

We can’t become who we want to be by staying the same. Professionals in every field are constantly refining their skills.  Think about your weaknesses. Is there an area you can develop or outsource? Think about the needle movers in your business. How can you develop those skills? 


I’ll share a personal example.  Clubhouse has been an unexpected boost for my business.  I have been dabbling in the app but, now that I see its potential I need a solid strategy for how I will be using it in 2022.  I’m taking steps to educate myself, get coaching and I’m currently reading the newly released book by Gary Henderson.


Big Picture

When you take the time to review your year, imagine yourself in a helicopter taking a broad view of your business.  Reconnect with the reason you started this business in the first place.  Make sure it’s headed in the direction you intended.


If not, that’s ok but this review is the time to make course corrections. Maybe you like the new direction. Then you may need to review your goals and strategies to make sure they are in alignment with this change.


Next Steps

Now that you have your big picture dialed in time to focus on the strategies. Don’t pick more than 3 for the year.  When you go over 3 you move into the BUSY zone. It doesn’t allow you to go deep into any one strategy.


Don’t worry about getting into the dirty work of breaking the strategies down into action steps, but you’re not completely off the hook. Make a date to do this work right now so you know you will get it done.



Think about the people you met in the last year that helped you along your journey. Take time to recognize them. Also, think about who you would like to meet next to further your network and get you closer to your goal.  How can you connect or support those people?


The year-end review is key for mompreneurs. Often when you are in the weeds of the day-to-day of your business, you don’t have the insights or time you need to make sure you are moving in the right direction.  If you are having trouble clarifying your goals for 2022, book a clarity coaching session with me. 

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