Mompreneur Goals for 2022 (Tips and Strategies)

productivity Jan 06, 2022

Raise your hand if you’ve ever given up on a New Year’s resolution. If you could peer through my computer monitor, you would see me waving my hand in the air.


We’ve all done it but there’s something magical about a fresh start. A chance to clean the slate. This year instead of picking another New Year’s Resolution that you’re going to beat yourself up for failing in a few weeks.  Let’s focus on goals we can work towards in a way that’s healthy and realistic.


Why Set Goals


Let’s start with why your goals should be more than just a New Year’s tradition. Goals can be more than just a yearly resolve to lose those same 10 pounds. You can set goals in any area of life - business, health, or personal. You know this already of course.


First goals help you choose the right moves at the right times. Let’s use your business as an example here.  Say you’ve just launched your social media consulting biz, and you have a 10-year goal of earning multiple 6 figures and a full staff that supports you.  Would it make sense that your goal for Q1 of 2022 is to book your first 10 clients or hire a full-time copywriter?


Next, it helps you confront those failed resolutions with more assurance (and less likely to crawl under the covers for a few weeks). Goals make you more optimistic because you have a custom frame through which you view the world.  Can’t decide which way to go, view it through your frame and the message is clearer.  Also, when you are filled with hope failures are less of a setback.


Finally, to get good at the goal-setting game, you have to get real about where you are right now.  Let’s say your goal is to run a marathon in 2022. If you are regularly pounding the pavement three times a week, you are a lot closer to achieving your goal than someone that has never run a 5k. 


Types of Goal Setting


Now that you’re clear on the WHY, want to learn how to set realistic goals?


There are a million ways to set goals but let’s look at 3 ways that are proven to get results.  I know you don’t have time to waste on another failed resolution.


  1. SMARTER (a better version of SMART goals) stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Evaluated, and Rewarding. This article goes into more detail. 
  2. The EEE model established by the American Psychological Association uses an individualistic approach for goal setting. 
    • Enlightening Us
      Providing meaningful insight into our abilities and weaknesses, and by helping us prioritize our goals depending on our needs.
    • Encouraging Us
      It provides the motivation and courage to implement the goals and execute the plans efficiently.
    • Enabling Us
      Goal-setting enables us to achieve the balance between our real and ideal selves. By implementing the goals and succeeding from it, we regain self-confidence, social support, and can evaluate our achievements.
  3. Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the neuroscience behind setting goals. RAS is a cluster of cells at the base of your brain that processes the information and sensory channels related to your attention. 

    Here’s an example. A few months ago we were in the market for buying a new SUV. I’m not a big car person so I never notice the make and model of the cars around me.  Suddenly I was paying close attention to all the SUVS I saw on the road.  We can use RAS to our advantage in goal setting.  First, writing out your goals activates the RAS system.  Second, visualizing your goals helps you to achieve them because our minds can’t distinguish between reality and imagination. By picturing your goal, your brain will start making connections to make it come true.


Setting goals can be difficult, but it is important to make them specific. This way you will know for sure if your goal has been achieved or not. Avoid setting vague goals like “I want more money” and instead set a clear goal of how much money you want by when. If the success of your business hinges on reaching certain milestones, then establishing measurable goals that are within your control is key in achieving desired results. You may also consider using time-based targets which allow flexibility with deadlines based on what works best for each individual situation while still ensuring forward momentum towards accomplishment of personal objectives. 


Remember though that even after all this work there are no guarantees! That being said, I hope these tips have helped provide some insight. If you’re ready to turn your goals into action, join my boot camp. 


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