3 Proven Goal Setting Tools for Mompreneurs

focus Feb 10, 2022

Your goals are under attack. 


You are bombarding your vision for your life with fear, perfectionism, failures, excuses, and procrastination, to name a few.


It's time to go on defense. In today's post, I will share with you my favorite weapons (aka tools) for setting goals.


1. Life Plan


It's like a roadmap. 


When you're putting launching a business, there’s thought and strategy behind it (aka a business plan). This is a plan for your life goals. It’s a strategy that reverse engineers your life.


Stay with me, this is going to get dark. Think about the end of your life. How do you want to be remembered by your children, your partner, your coworkers, your friends, whoever is important to you? Begin living into that intentionally today and into the future. 


The life plan is a process of looking at these goals and also looking at the obligations that you have in your life, in addition to the accounts that are important to you.


2. Project Management Software


You cannot juggle small and petty tasks when you have a bigger goal in mind. Yet, every task matters. In the big picture, you cannot let these smaller issues distract you.


The work still needs to be done. But who should do it? Why not use project management software? Also, it does not just handle petty tasks but can also handle larger projects as well. Check out these features:

  • Create a project schedule
  • Task management
  • Central place to hold documents
  • Calendar and contact sharing
  • Time tracking


My favorite is Trello, but Asana and Clickup are also popular choices.


3. Full Focus Planner


This tool ties into the life plan. 


As soon as you open up the planner, it's set for three-month increments. You break down your goals so that you are focusing on no more than three per quarter. It gets into the nitty-gritty of goal setting using the SMARTER framework


In the daily pages of the planner, it has you break down just one thing per day, based on the goal you're working on for the quarter, and how you're going to break that down each day. 


The only downside is that it's heavy and big. So you won't be able to put it in your purse for a day and take it everywhere.


You wake up each day motivated by your goals. Protect them with strong armor.  You'll win the war if you use the tools you've read above.


You can find out how to use the right tools depending on how your brain is wired through my Clarity Crafting Session.



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