4 Types of Productivity, Which is True for You?

productivity May 21, 2020

“Mommy, what are we doing today”

“Why do we have to go?”

“Who else will be there?”

“How long are we going to stay?”

I thought this Spanish Inquisition style questioning would end after the toddler years. NOPE, this was a conversation with my teenager.  

Each day I work through a to-do list, with little thought to WHY.  I love the thrill of checking tiny boxes.  This interrogation seemed like a waste of time until I discovered my daughter is a Prioritizer.  That means she needs to gather data on what she has to do so she can focus on the most important thing.

This “AHA moment” was thanks to this assessment that helps you find your personal productivity style.  Go ahead, take it.  Who doesn’t love personality tests?

What Type of Productivity is Right for Me?

Did you take the test? What’s your style? Prioritizer/Planner/Arranger/Visualizer

We take for granted that each of us has a unique personality.  As a mom, you confirmed this as soon as you held your newborn.  But is this the first time you’ve thought about how this affects how you get things done? 

You probably already knew you were a planner (or one of the other personalities).  You’re drawn to lists, but it helps to know that there are other ways to get things done.

Beware of the dichotomy of personality tests.  Personality tests are FUN but you’re a unique human.  Just because the assessment labeled you as a planner, doesn’t mean you can’t steal some tactics from other styles (come on, colored pens make life better).

Environment Matters to be Productive

Pay attention to the factors that drive your unique productivity.  Here are a few questions to figure out what works for you:

  1. Do you work better in a busy coffee shop or quiet office?
  2. What kind of light helps you focus?
  3. Are you the person who’s driven to get things done or do you need someone holding you accountable?
  4. What time of day are you most alert?

Keep in mind that your preferences will change according to the task.  Is it easier to brainstorm in a bustling coffee shop (getting out of the house-YAY) and write in a quiet office?

For your most important tasks, set up the right environment to get things done.

 No Pain, No Gain

Designing your life around your productivity style will not be easy.  Some things may come to you naturally, while others you will have to test to find out.

My best ideas strike during a workout.  If I’m stuck processing something, it’s best for me to go out for a run rather than hashing it out from my cushy office chair.  

I often ponder what is the best time of day for me to write.  I know that I’m most alert in the early morning hours. I fiercely protect this time for my writing.  But there’s research to show that you are more creative when you are tired.  There’s reason to experiment with writing after the lunch lull.

Get to Know YOU

There are a lot of factors that play into your personal productivity style.  Don’t get overwhelmed!

Take time to figure out one thing at a time.  Moving the needle up a smidge is still moving the needle.

Does this all sound like too much work?  You’re in luck because I love this stuff.  Let’s make a date and I’ll help you with the heavy lifting.

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