40 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Ideal Office Setup

focus Feb 11, 2021

“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you towards your objective...Are the things around you helping you toward success - or are they holding you back?” W. Clement Stone

I keep repeating that you are a unique human. Pay attention to the factors that drive your unique productivity. 

Here are a few questions to figure out what works for you:

  1. Do you work better in a busy coffee shop or quiet office?
  2. What kind of light helps you focus?
  3. What do you like to look at while working? (art, nature, pictures of loved ones)
  4. What colors are prominent where you work?
  5. Do you have artwork around you?
  6. Do you have plants in your office?
  7. Are you driven to get things done or do you need someone holding you accountable?
  8. What time of day are you most alert?
  9. What type of equipment do you need?
  10. What are the limitations of that equipment?
  11. What type of software solutions do you need?
  12. What type of desk and chair do you need to feel comfortable?
  13. Do you have a favourite pen or pencil?
  14. Does switching to a standing position throughout the day increase your focus?
  15. What do you need to fuel your body? (food and drink)
  16. Can you focus more when playing with a fidget toy?
  17. Where do you do your work?  Do you stay put in an office all day or hop from location to location?
  18. What are you trying to achieve?
  19. Do you need different work environments to suit your task? 
  20.  What space do you have available? It could be a half-empty closet.
  21. How much privacy do you need?
  22. Does everything have a place?
  23. What items belong on your desk?
  24. Do you have a strategy for storing everything?
  25. How can you silence the distractions on your phone?
  26. What other distractions reside where you do your most important work?
  27. Can you move these distractions to another space?
  28. Are your affirmations visual?
  29. Are your goals visual?
  30. Are there areas nearby where you can take a break?
  31. Do pets help you focus?
  32. What makes your day fun? Work it into your space.
  33. How do you feel when working in a quiet environment?
  34. Do you perform better when listening to music?
  35. If so, what kind?
  36. Do you have a theme song that helps you get through a crunch time?
  37. Do you burn candles or use oils while you work?
  38. If yes, what scents do you like best? 
  39. What temperature do you need to be alert?
  40. How tidy is your workspace? Clean is better for focus, clutter leads to creativity.


Keep in mind that your preferences will change according to the task.  Is it easier to brainstorm in a bustling coffee shop (getting out of the house-YAY) and write in a quiet office? For your most important tasks, set up the right environment to get things done.

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