How to Stop Shiny Object Syndrome & Crush Your Goals

focus Jan 20, 2022



Where did your mind go?


I think of Dug the sweet but easily distractable dog from the Pixar movie UP. 


I just opened another tab in my browser and found Pixar’s Instagram account.  Did you know Dug has a series of shorts out now on Disney+? That would be fun to watch with the kids.


It’s been 15 minutes but now I’m back to writing this post. This is my brain chasing squirrels.


It’s fun to follow the sparkle of a shiny object but beware.  Shiny object syndrome can pull you off course in chasing your goals. How do you stop it?


I’ve given you some tools on how to focus but today let me give you some questions to consider when there’s a shiny object is dangling between you and that goal you wrote down on January 1st.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Curb Shiny Object Syndrome and Keep Focused on Your Goals


  1. What is my top goal for the next 3-6 months?   

    Admit it, when you buy a fancy new whatever 9 times out of ten it’s an impulse buy. Impulse buys can be fun but when is it distracting you from your main thing (AKA goal).

    Let’s say your top goal is to increase traffic to your gardening blog by 20% by the end of Q1.  I’m just making this up, but CONGRATS on a well-written goal. You come across Bodhi Method while scrolling Instagram and feel inspired to finally get your nutrition dialed in for 2022. Danielle from Bodhi Method is fantastic and the reason I no longer battle my nutrition, but if that’s not your top priority right now…Keep Scrolling!  

  2. How does this shiny object hurt or help my goal?   

    Let’s reframe how we look at hiring my friend Danielle.  

     If the reason you don’t have better traffic to your blog is you don’t have enough energy to pour into that project each day then nutrition just might be the answer. However, finding a diet that works for you takes work and you will definitely need to spend time each week in the kitchen.  Do you have the time to invest?

    You have to have clarity on your current goals to answer this question.              

  3. What must I give up to make room for the shiny object? 

    There’s an opportunity cost for everything you add to your list.  You will have to take time away from one thing to give it to another because time is a finite resource.  Be honest with yourself on the costs of adding this shiny thing into your life. 

  4. What will I gain from this shiny object?

    It’s easy to see what you will gain from buying a new course or hiring a trainer, but it helps to write it down. Time to bust out that pros and cons list.

     Also, sometimes it’s fun to just chase squirrels. An unbusy life needs time to chase the shiny things.  We just need to have boundaries around them. 

  5. What does my gut tell me to do?

    Tap into your intuition. Questions 1-4 took you through the logical steps but sometimes despite the logic we still feel drawn to follow this shiny thing.  Pay attention to that.


I’ll admit I’m a shopper. I will always feel the tug of something new and pretty. I hope these questions will give you a framework to use when you feel that same pull.  That new pretty thing isn’t worth giving up on what you've set out to do.  Remember a pretty new thing can very well be a new idea.


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