5 Benefits of Coaching that will Change Your Life

coaching Jun 04, 2020

What is going on with the coaching industry?  There are coaches to help your high schooler apply to college.  There are coaches that teach you how to use specific software applications. If you want to get great at something… there’s a coach for that.

We’ve been struggling with getting our kids in bed before we want to pass out lately.  Yep, there’s a coach for that too.

Is there a coach for the frantically busy?  Someone to ease your mom guilt and give you the tools to seek a purpose in the everyday?

Yes, it’s called productivity coaching.  Here’s why it’s life-changing:


The power of an outside perspective. Remember when you were trying to perfect your pike jump in high school?  You would practice over and over in front of the mirror at home, but it wasn’t until your coach pointed out that your arms needed to fully extend did you nail it.  

The same goes for your personal productivity.  You keep falling behind each week.  You can’t make progress on where you want to be in life, but you’re clueless about how you can do it any differently.  

A productivity coach can look at your productivity pain points just like your cheer coach led you through that pike jump.  Breaking down the actions you do each day\week\month and then building them back up again.  STRONGER this time. 

She can tweak how you layout your day.  A tiny change, like throwing in a load of laundry before the kids get out of bed can make the difference to free up time to relax on the weekends.


Improve those inner voices. We took our boat out over Memorial Day weekend. The lake was busy!  This amps up my anxiety as the one who has to take the boat on and off the trailer.  There are swarms of boats around and I have to navigate around to hit the right target at the right time.  All while keeping the kids entertained and out of my line of sight.  About 80% of the time this ends badly as I come in too hot and scratch the boat or end up screaming at the kids to “Shut up and Sit down”  Last weekend I took control of that voice inside my head and repeated to myself “you’ve got this!” and pulled the whole thing off flawlessly.

A productivity coach can help you identify when those voices in your head are sending you the wrong message.  Your mind and body scream you don’t have the time you need to decompress!  However, you just spent an entire weekend playing hard.

Try repeating to yourself, "I am in control of my life."


Identifying your obstacles. I started running back in college for exercise.  I enjoyed being outside and my runs brought mental clarity I couldn’t find anywhere else.  I’m petite so my gait is short but I could run and run without stopping so I felt endurance was on my side.  

A few years ago I trained for my first half marathon.  I dug into a training program and learned how to improve my footstrike (how my foot hits the ground). I had never heard the word footstrike before and now a few tweaks had improved my times.

The same theory applies to your productivity.  You’re so entrenched in your every day that you can’t see the slight changes that will stop you from spinning in circles.


“Accountability breeds response-ability” Steven Covey That commitment to research summer camps you made to your bestie last week... of course you followed through.  You had a million other things to do yesterday, but that one thing got checked off the list because you promised Kim.  And you LOVE Kim.  You would never let her down.

That’s accountability in action right there.  

Working with a coach will harness this same power.  It doesn’t need to get steamy like a romance novel.  Just the idea that you made a promise to someone is enough to get you to follow through.


Turn on the GPS Have you ever hopped in the car running so late that you didn’t have enough time to plug the address into Waze?  You just start driving because you can’t spare those 2 minutes in your driveway to dial in your destination.  Then, you’re at a light with enough time to get it done and realize you’ve made a few wrong turns.  Now, you’re for sure going to be late.

A productivity coach will help dial in your GPS.  She will work with you to clarify your goals so you don’t waste time drifting through life.  Time is too precious to waste making a bunch of wrong turns before reaching those goals.

Let’s get you dialed in to live your best life.  Time to ditch the excuses and reap the rewards of productivity coaching.  Grab a spot on my calendar and we’ll get to work.

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