5 Ways to Plan for Tomorrow

time management Oct 15, 2020

Note the word PLAN, not Schedule in the headline.

The difference is subtle but significant.

Your schedule is an execution of your plan.

Beware of your schedule filling up with little thought.  That free email marketing you’re signed up for tomorrow.  Is that working towards your most important goal?

Planning takes more effort.  You need to protect your time.  Not give it away.

Plan Your Day

Taking a few minutes at the end of each day will ensure you spend more time in planning mode.

Review your day.  Open your calendar, whether it’s paper or digital.  This is where you review what’s on your schedule.  Take the time to prepare for meetings or appointments.  Is there a spirit day in your son’s class?  Pull out the outfit tonight before you tuck him in.

Chose your top 3 priorities for tomorrow.  This is the planning part.  Don’t start working off an endless to-do list.  You need to prioritize what’s most important.  Maybe you have a big design project that needs to get done.  You need to buy hubby a birthday gift and you have to call your bestie to check in on how she’s doing at her new job.

Block the priorities where they fit into your day.  Putting the hardest thing first before the distractions destroy your focus.

Time to tidy up. Clearing off your workspace will give you a sense of closure and set you up for a fresh start tomorrow.

Finally, it’s time to rest.  A step that’s easy to skip.  A step that doesn’t seem to have much payoff.  A step that is just as important as all those before it.  We need to rest to get our best work.

Creating what you want in the time that you have takes practice.  If you can’t create the space to plan, put me on your schedule and we will get this SHIT DONE!

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