7 Boring Things to Automate to Simplify Your Life

productivity Oct 27, 2022


I’m BORED!!!! As a parent these words make me cringe, but what if I told you there was a way to eliminate some of the boring tasks in your life?


Yep, automation. Today I’m going to point out 7 boring things you can automate today to spend more time doing what you LOVE!


Automate Boring Work

 Sales/ Marketing Funnel:

To make money, we need leads for our business. That's why many of us started these businesses in the first place. The good news is that by using an evergreen funnel, you can automate this process and take out the hassle of following up with leads constantly from your business. You can do this in a variety of ways. Brendon Bouchard taught me about the opt-in value offer model, and there are many different ways to create opt-ins. Among them are PDFs, video series, quizzes, and micro audio Summits. 


With this funnel, you get their email address and give them some value. They love what they see, so you make an offer, and it's all set up automatically. You can still follow up on leads while the program runs all day long while you are working on other aspects of your business. 


Scheduling Meetings: 

How much time do you spend going back and forth with clients or business partners trying to get a meeting scheduled? You can automate that!


Calendly is a service that helps schedule appointments (there are others but this is my fave). A few of my favorite features are:

  • Meeting polls (lets invitees vote on times before scheduling)
  • Routing forms (screen people before they schedule a time to meet with you)



Anything that you find that you're doing in your business on repeat, I bet you there’s automation.  One place to start looking is Zapier. It connects your work apps so you can spend more time focusing. 


I am very new to using Zapier.  Zaps that I currently have set up are:

  • Each time I post to Instagram. I have a job set up that picks up Instagram posts and puts them into a file in my Dropbox called Best of IG. At the end of the week. I go in and I look at the analytics in my Instagram account. I see which one performs the best and put little stars on them. And those are the posts that I repurpose because I know that they've performed well.
  • The way I offer the bonuses for The Life After Busy Bootcamp is automated using zaps. 


Assigning Tasks

Trello is where I organize all of my tasks and it's great for organizing projects. Using Trello, I can break down a card(aka project) into subtasks. When I create XYZ task, I can assign it to my virtual assistant. An email notification will go to her since she has access to that board and she can check it off once it is complete. 


Automate Boring Personal Stuff


I think automating our bills is a no-brainer, but how many of you do it? Putting out a word of caution: we need to be aware of what money we're bringing in as well as how we're spending it. 

Family Calendar

I have a detailed resource for how to do this here.

Ordering Essentials

Oh my gosh, how much do I love Amazon for this? Certain things that I get on the regular just come automatically to me You have to play around with Amazon a little bit for it to learn your buying preferences. 

I hope that gives you guys some ideas of how to take these boring tasks off your list. If it's not something that you can automate, maybe you can delegate. 

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