8 Fun Ways to Keep Motivated

motivation May 07, 2020

How is it May already?  I have a confession.  The task of packing up our winter gear (Uggs, rain boots, ski stuff) has been on my to-do list for weeks. And now it’s MAY!

I started by cleaning all the boots but now I have a line of clean boots to put away.  A cute line of Uggs reminding me of my unfinished project each time I walk into the garage.

Somewhere between finding my soft bristle brush to whisk away dirt and letting the clean boots dry before the next treatment, I lost motivation. Where’s the fun in storing away winter?

Motivation is a fickle thing.  It can up and leave during projects big or small but nobody want’s to leave a party when they’re having fun.  

Here it is...8 ways to make motivation FUN!

  1. Find that easy next step.  If you have a giant project staring down at you, of course, you can’t fight the urge to snuggle back in when your alarm goes off.  Instead of hitting snooze, find one task that excites you.  Let’s say you want to launch your website.  BIG SCARY PROJECT ALERT!  Spend an hour brainstorming, and researching domain names. It’s a baby step but that’s progress.  Progress is what we are aiming for girl!
  2. Connect to your WHY.  When you’re struggling to get through a project, stop and ask yourself why you are doing it.  I always use Sunday as my food prep day but a long day spent in the kitchen is not my idea of fun.  When the urge to run screaming hits,  I think about the easy mornings ahead when my food is prepped and ready.  What is your WHY on that project you’re avoiding?  
  3. Brace yourself - I’m going to encourage a shameless social media scroll session.  The catch is you have to keep an eye out for someone living out your dream.  That girl from your freshman English class who’s launched an amazing lifestyle blog and is a keynote speaker for #BlogHer.  Bookmark her last Insta post.  Save it to an Inspiration Collection.  Next time you need motivation, pull up that post. 
  4. Is there a new Tory Burch bag you’ve been coveting?  Yes, that chevron chain wallet in the perfect sand color.  Think about that bag next time you want to stop.  Or any other treat you’ve been longing for.  Set a goal and a timeline then once you achieve it...treat yourself!
  5. Get inspired by nature.  Spring is the perfect time to use this trick.  Step outside or take a stroll and notice the growth all around you.  There are some irises that are about to explode in my backyard right now.  My husband pointed out their buds last weekend (I’d never noticed them). If they can blossom into a beautiful flower overnight, I can finish editing this blog post.
  6. Bust out those gold stars. I’m a sucker for any kind of sticker.  It’s crazy motivating and FUN to put a sticker in my planner (yep I’m old school) when I hit my writing goal for the day.  You don’t have to be a planner geek like me to get in on the sticker fun.  Plaster a sticker on your coffee cup, your calendar, or your computer when you’ve done that hard work you’ve been avoiding.  CAUTION: it’s addicting! Bonus Tip: if you’re a writer check out the podcast #AmWriting, there’s loads of advice on earning your sticker.
  7. Music is motivational magic. You know this but let me add a twist.  Think about the task you are trying to do.  A post-dinner cleanup session may take some Beyonce but focusing in the office calls for elevator music.
  8. Think about the afterglow.  Hilarious duo Cat and Nat say, “maybe it’s we don’t really get actually fired up about something, but just we know that if FEELS way better to just have it done and of the headspace.”


P.S. Are you looking for someone to hold you accountable to your goals? Let’s chat because that’s my thing.


Now it’s your turn:

  • What keeps you pushing forward?
  • Have you tried any of the tips above?  How did it go?

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