Back to School Is a New Beginning for Mom

focus Aug 18, 2022

Goal-setting is a frenzy around the new year. Motivation is ramped up by a fresh start.


New beginnings don't have to wait until January 1st.


"Most of us have harbored a sense that beginnings are significant. Now

the science of timing has shown that they're even more powerful than

we suspected. Beginnings stay with us far longer than we know;

their elects linger to the end”

WHEN by Daniel Pink 


Pay Attention to Landmarks

As a child, my family moved from southern to northern California. On long weekends and holidays, we drove back and forth between the two.  A GIANT cattle ranch is halfway between the two (about 3.5 hours into the drive). Without even looking up from the movie I was watching, I could smell cows and feel excitement for getting to Grandma's.


Back to School is a landmark in time, just like the cattle ranch is a physical landmark. In an article published by the Wharton School, it was found that temporal landmarks, or distinct events that stand in stark contrast to the seemingly endless stream of trivial and ordinary events that occur every day, structure our memories and experiences.


Events such as these spark motivation to accomplish goals or set new ones, just like cow scent made me excited to see Grandma. EWWWW


There's a tendency to dissociate from the former version of yourself and assume a new identity. As an example, "summer me slept late and enjoyed every moment at the pool with my kids." "Back to school me will get ahead of the game and take disciplined action towards my goals."


Paying more attention to these landmarks takes advantage of what researchers call the “calendar effect.” We tend to have better memories of significant events.


The Final Push

As a mompreneur, I view this time of year as a final push to achieve your goals.  The third quarter is coming to an end. There are four solid months left for us to accomplish what we set out to do in January. 


After the kids have their supplies ready and are off, what can you do to make the most of this fresh start? Consider these things:


  • Figure out your morning routine. There’s no doubt this has shifted whether your kids take the bus or you have a complicated carpool schedule.  Start by tracking how much time it will take you to get ready in the morning. This includes your morning routine, getting the kids off and yourself dressed and ready for the day. Next, create a time budget for yourself based on how much time you need and what time you need to get out the door or put your but in your office chair.
  • Next, consider school pick-ups and all the other miscellaneous activities you’ve signed yourself up for. How’s everyone going to shuffle from one event to the next? Of course, there’s always going to be change but my favorite way of navigating all of that change is LEFTOVERS!!!!!
  • Revisit your other routines. Routines can be powerful when kept simple and implemented correctly. Here are a few more to take a peek at
    • Before the kids get up
    • Before you start your workday
    • Before you transition into mom mode
    • Before bed
  • Come up with a plan to handle all the school stuff, the emails, voice messages, and paperwork.


What other changes or routines do you implement to mark Back To School as a mompreneur? Please share them with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram.

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