How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Money

time management Jul 29, 2021

I’ve talked about delegation before. 


It’s a ninja move to get unbusy but many of you don’t have anyone to delegate today I introduce you to my friend Jono who will educate you on the ninja delegation move: outsourcing.


Jono Petrohilos is the 2020 Australian Fitness Educator of The Year and Founder of The Course Creator Community.


Take it away Jono.


I remember when I created my first ever eBook. I was a Group Fitness Instructor at the time and was teaching 2-3 fitness classes a night, earning give or take $100 a night. I wanted to create an eBook of workout ideas that I could sell to other Group Fitness Instructors to save them time and give them new ideas.


So I opened up Microsoft Word, wrote down every workout I knew (something like 50-60 workouts that were all really good)! There was one problem though. The eBook looked like a Microsoft Word document. It was boring. I knew if I was going to sell it, I needed to make it look a little nicer… Colors, Borders, Headings, Tables, Page Numbers etc etc. The problem was I’m not exactly Mr Creative… and I’m not exactly Mr Microsoft Wizard. 


I knew that if I wanted to make this eBook look nice I was going to need to spend a few hours on it consistently, tinkering around and learning Microsoft Word so I took a couple nights off work. It was a hit financially because I was going to be down $200-$300 but I really wanted to put this eBook together and start making ‘passive income’. So I took a couple nights off work to tinker around with Microsoft Word and believe it or not, I made it look worse than before… There were random page breaks, line breaks, different fonts, indents etc etc… I was devastated. So I gave up on my eBook and just went on Facebook to try and make myself happy. 


On Facebook I saw an Ad for a website “fiverr” where apparently you can get anything you want done for $5 (well technically 5 “pounds”)... So I went on this website and there was a freelancer on there who said they will ‘make your eBook look more professional in 24 hours’ and the cost was $5. I thought, why not.


I paid $5 and 24 hours later the freelancer sent me over the eBook and it wasn’t bad! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t AMAZING… but it will still be 100still 100 x better than what I could have done on my own. 


What’s more important though is the time it saved me! 


Even if I was decent at Microsoft Word and could have done it myself - it still would have been to outsource that task to the freelancer.


Because paying the freelancer would cost me $5


But by trying to save $5 and trying to do it myself it would actually cost $100 because I would have to take a night off work.


Now the above is a pretty straightforward example because it’s money for money but it’s the same thing with time. 


Let’s say for example I couldn’t afford to take time off work during the week and I had to wait for the weekend to create my eBook.  That’s fine - I wouldn’t lose the money from not working but I’m going to wait a whole week to get this thing done. Then what if I need to edit it? I’m going to have to wait another week until next weekend to edit it. It’s going to take forever to get this done. 


On top of that - if i’m trying to do it myself, that means there’s something else in my life that i’m pushing to the side or falling behind in and I’ll always be behind and feel overwhelmed. 


This is why outsourcing can save you both money AND time! 


So what I like to do with my time management is write down my “to do” list but instead of knocking over my to do list 1 by 1, I take a look at that list and see “what can I outsource”, I’ll outsource whatever I can, do the rest myself and most of the time - I actually end up completing my to do list, which used to NEVER happen before I started outsourcing! 


Anyways that’s it for me for today! 


Feel free to connect on Social Media, i’ll put my personal links below but you’re also welcome to join my community Facebook Group “The Course Creator Community - Click here to join


Jono Petrohilos

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