How Taking a Break Can Make Your Mom Game Strong

focus Mar 04, 2021

Your to-do list is missing the crucial thing for you to get the most done today.


What’s that thing you ask?  TAKE A BREAK!


It’s easy to spot when somebody else needs to take a break.  


  • Your best friend calls you in tears of exhaustion
  • Your toddler throws a tantrum after skipping naptime
  • Your husband disengages from work after his 10th zoom call


When’s the last time you took a break?  I’m going to guess, past the time it was too late.


Think of it like drinking water.  You need to do it throughout the day before you become dehydrated.  You need to take small breaks throughout the day before you burnout.


Why You Need a Break and How Often

Here’s the why: the clarity and energy you gain outweighs the time lost.


The temptation is to sit chained to your desk until you finish that project.  Getting up when only forced to by mother nature or some other interruption. I can see it now.  Empty coffee cups and crumbs from today’s lunch at your desk littered around you.  


How’s that working out for ya?


If you show up for your family at the end of the day burn out and grumpy, give this a try:


  • Take a break hourly(ish)
  • Schedule a longer midday break


First, these hourly breaks don’t need to be much.  Just getting up from your desk to stretch will fit the bill.  You need to hit the refresh button.  Play around with what works for you.  An hour seems to be a good starting point but if you struggle to focus for that long you could even try a shorter Pomodoro block.


Next, the midday break needs to more significant.  Something to pull your head out of work for a bit.  Take a lunch break with your kids if they’re still at home.  Take a walk around the block to clear your head.  Nap for 15 minutes when you feel fatigued.


More Breaking Benefits


Ever feel like Rachel?  


Your brain is taxed from a full day of well WHATEVER.  Making BADASS business decisions or trying to raise decent humans.  This my friend is decision fatigue.


Give yourself space to walk away for a moment before you make a decision you might regret. Plus, you’ll probably come back with a fresh outlook.


Breaks also restore your motivation.  Nothing like death chasing you on a treadmill to restore that drive to get things done.  When you get up for just a few moments you can pull your head up for long enough to figure out why you’re putting yourself through this work in the first place.


A client and friend of mine just endured back to back losses of two dear family members.  Just recently she posted a picture of her snuggling her sweet new grandbaby and the words of Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


What’s your snuggly new baby?

How to Ask for a Break

Do you struggle with asking for the time you need?  You’re a mom. You’re a badass entrepreneur.  You’re always putting everyone else first.  You deserve the break.


Try saying this instead:

  • I’m at capacity
  • I need to recharge

The Timing Isn’t Right

And it’s never going to be!  The fact is you have to make yourself take breaks before you hit burnout and the brakes are forced upon you.


Don’t get too lost in the details of how to do this...just do it.

It’s not about routine but about practice.

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