Make Time to Be More Creative

focus Nov 18, 2021

Has mama guilt stolen your creativity?


There are not enough hours in the day to do everything. Sometimes, you look at your to-do list and wonder how it got so long. You might even think that adding more things to it won't make a difference because there just isn't time for them all! 


What if I told you that making time for imagination is worth doing? Creativity can be very therapeutic and fun too! Here are some ways to find the creativity inside of you: 


Consciously Absorb New Information

Be fully present and experience everything, without filter.  You can do this by consuming information with an open mind that allows you the freedom of thought (and creativity). It's like being a baby again - take it all in!


Uncritically viewing your world gives new experiences their power. Knowledge becomes something exciting rather than scary or intimidating.


Want some more shortcuts? Try letting go completely at times (meditation is perfect for this). This will help tune out the noise and clarify our path forward.


Also, try exposing yourself to new information.  If you’ve spent some time going in deep with Life After Busy (thank you-you’re my favorite) but go get your fashion binge at Atlantic-Pacific and let the creative sparks fire.


Block Time for Creativity

I know time blocking tends to be polarizing.  You love it or you hate it.  If you are trying to find time to let those creative juices flow (call it what you want) but make the time. Put it in your calendar!


No matter where you are or what your priorities are, the environment will always affect them. It might be difficult to focus when things get noisy with texts from friends about Saturday night plans - but don't let that distract YOU! Take time out of each day for deep thinking so nothing else can steal it away in this chaotic world we live in.


One tool I use to tune out distractions is the Calm app.  Yes, you can use it for more than just meditation. They have a music feature where you can choose music that fits the type of work you are doing.  I recommend checking out the Focus & Flow selection when you want to be inspired.


For a full list of the apps, I recommend to improve your self-control, click here.  


You can make time to be more creative. Whether you're blocking out time for creativity or consciously absorbing new information, it's possible to get your creative juices flowing on a regular basis. Want some help getting started? Sign up for my email newsletter and I'll send you weekly tips straight from my desk! It's never too late to start letting your imagination lead the way - so what are you waiting for?

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