My Holiday Season Secret Weapon

productivity Nov 24, 2021

It's the time of year when we're all a little behind on our to-do lists. With holiday parties, gift shopping, and decorating, it's hard not to fall into a frenzy! I’m excited to share with you my top tool and tips that will help you get your tasks done without feeling frazzled.

The Holiday Binder

I purchased this printable holiday planner from Etsy 2 years ago. It might seem like a lot, but it is my secret weapon for getting through the holidays. I'll admit, I don't use every single page. I print them out and clip them into my holiday binder.  I have a divider page for each holiday Halloween through New Year. I’ve also included a pencil case so when I carry this secret weapon around I’m prepared with post its, pens, and highlighters.


This planner is key for getting my house decorated. I take pictures where I place everything in my house so that when I bust out the big tubs of all my decorations, it's pretty easy for me to figure out where all the stuff goes. 


Here are a few more things I store in this binder. First is my kid’s Santa lists. It’s a fun trip down memory lane each year. It stores the receipts for all of my purchases. I keep all my recipes in here (they are also stored digitally on Plan to Eat). I keep a paper copy because it’s a bit easier to hand off if someone wants to help in the kitchen while I’m out running all the errands.


By far my favorite printable is the Christmas Bucket list. This may be TOO MUCH for some. I use it as a menu to pick and choose what memories and experiences I want to create this year. 


I hope that you’ve found some great actionable tips for this year’s holiday season. I hope this blog post has helped you get a jumpstart on how to make the most of these busy days. But don't forget that it's not too late to sign up for my newsletter. It’s full of more tips like this so you can have more time with family this December!


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