The Best Remedy for Overwhelm is the One You Haven’t Tried

focus Jan 14, 2021

I could tell from my husband's voice that I didn’t even have a second to grab shoes as I ran to the car.  Five hours later, I was tucking in my sweet boy who had just broken his first bone (actually BONES poor little dude).


Doctor's orders now limited my super active boy who had already felt the weight of social distancing.


He had a fresh perspective on quarantine.  Overwhelmed with all the limitations, those board games I’ve been begging him to play since last spring had a whole new appeal.


The good news: you don’t have to break any bones for the cure.


Here are some ways we can take a fresh perspective to move past overwhelm:

A Shift in Thinking

Now into our second full week of 2021, you’re optimistic with a fresh perspective that comes with a new year.  Use this as your next chapter.  We start a new year feeling a sense of new beginnings.  


HELL YES to a clean slate.  


Instead of lamenting the work you haven’t done, look forward to the year ahead.  There’s a sense of optimism in new beginnings.  Maybe you’re ready to try a novel approach to an old problem.  Or you are just approaching the same problem the same way with a renewed sense of optimism.


Understand a Different Point of View

This is a principle often taught in debate classes.  (Honestly, it’s a lesson our entire nation could use at the moment.)


Research the other side.  Question the evidence of your overwhelm.


Say, you’re a health coach frustrated you didn’t reach your growth goal for 2020. You’ve been burning yourself out creating content for Instagram but getting nowhere.


What if instead, you got inside the mind of that last client that told you “no”  You asked all the questions and discovered your program didn’t offer the 1:1 work she was looking for.  


Now instead of throwing more hours into content creation, you build up your coaching program to offer 1:1 services.

Change your Work Environment

Before you moan about the limitations thanks to COVID, hear me out.


The changes can be small.  


Think about your five senses.  Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch (in case you needed a refresher).  What changes can you make to your senses to sharpen your focus?


Let’s take sight for example:

Do you get distracted when someone walks by?

When you are in your flow state what’s the lighting look like?

What would you like to stare at when you work? A street scene, the ocean, trees, or anything else you can imagine.

What colors make you feel alert and focused?


You may not be able to escape to your favorite coffee shop to crank out that next email campaign but you can pipe in some coffee shop background noise.


Change your Schedule

When my kids were in elementary school, I’d wake up before the sun and get my workout in before they even popped out of bed.  Then my daughter started junior high.  


HELLO, early dropoff and GOODBYE 5 am workout. I can’t understand why our school district thinks teenagers need to get up so early?


I spent several weeks overwhelmed and grumpy because I missed my favorite Lagree class.  When I finally sat down with my schedule, I realized there was a window between the kid’s drop off times where I could hit the gym.  And hubby, bless his heart, was willing to cover me.


When you hit overwhelm.  Start to question when you do things. 


Do you have a time of day where you are most productive?  Protect that block of time like it’s the last square of your favorite chocolate bar.


You might not work that block every day because of mom duties, but maybe hubby will cover you a few days a week. 


Ask for Feedback

Remember the days when you used to text dressing room selfies to your friend before deciding on a dress to buy for your event?


I can’t wait for those days to return, but until then let’s explore how feedback can get you out of overwhelm.


  • Hire a coach
  • Text a colleague
  • Post in a Facebook group
  • Call a friend
  • Chat with your spouse
  • Bounce fresh ideas off your daughter


A few words of caution: ALWAYS CONSIDER THE SOURCE.  You’ll know in your gut the right decision, but when overwhelm rushes in sometimes somebody outside your head might have an idea you never considered.


To 2021 and BEYOND!

Don’t let that fresh start feeling end when your New Year’s resolution is ditched and forgotten.  You can choose to start fresh each day.  Every morning is a chance to take a different perspective.

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