The Magic Power of Learning to Say NO

time management Oct 29, 2020

Two little letters, able to transform. NO.


Rosa Parks’s refusal to give up her seat sparked a movement to end racial segregation.  


Today, coronavirus lockdown protesters are making headlines saying NO.


Tomorrow, your refusal to take on that collaboration project will give the time you need to reconnect with your teen suffering from isolation.


Saying no is a special power you can use to make things happen that might seem impossible.


Plenty of pieces have been written on how to say no.


Today I want to show you why it’s worth the effort.


A No is a Yes to Something Else

We’ve all heard this before, but it bears repeating because when we face rejecting an invitation, it’s easy to forget. (Dare I say it warrants a Post It Note on your bathroom mirror.)


To decrease your busy burden, get comfortable saying no.


A no to that invitation to speak at the local networking event is a yes to the time to finish your blog post.


A no to the friend who makes you feel less than is a yes to cuddle time in bed with hubby.


A no to tackling that next house project on your list is a yes to finishing the book that is reshaping your life.


WARNING: don’t say no to the things that scare you.  Being afraid is something to conquer or at least explore.


“NO” Your Limits

As much as we all want to be superwomen, it’s only human to have limits.


How many projects can you handle this week?


Don’t forget this weekend is Halloween.  Thanks to Coronavirus awkwardness, it seems more important to make this year special. I’m not throwing much more on my plate right now.


I’m guessing you’ve played the role of people pleaser.  Saying yes to everyone to avoid the discomfort of saying no.  But ladies, how does this always end?


It ends with you putting your own priorities on the back burner.  Stop heaping more onto your plate.


Respect > Popularity

Saying yes might win you a friend in the moment.  Saying no will earn their respect.


Remember, you are saying no to the request, not the person.  If just one “no” rocks your relationship, is it really worth it?


“Make your peace with the fact that saying ‘no’ often requires trading popularity for respect.” Greg McKeown, Essentialism.


Popularity feels good.  I get it.  Before you succumb to the easy yes remember, popularity is fleeting.  Just in case you missed that note passed to you in high school.


Ponder this for a minute.  What feels better saying no gracefully or stringing someone along with a lot of maybes?


Reach out when you are ready to get comfortable with “no”.

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