What Is the Role of Luck in Life?

focus Mar 17, 2022

My dog saved my life.


As a toddler, I had the luckiest day of my life. One day, while they were busy inside, my parents let me play in the backyard.  They didn't know the pool guy had left the safety gate unlocked.


My little feet floated into the pool area. I was not safe, so my dog alerted the adults. When my parents came outside to see what all the barking was about, I was about to jump in.


Do I believe in luck? Absolutely, but I also believe it takes more than gold coins and rainbows to live a full life. Let’s explore the possibilities.


“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”


This is a famous quote by Roman philosopher Seneca.


This idea makes sense because we have to put in the hard work to be prepared. If you want to land your dream client, you have to have done the work to prove to them you are worthy of their business. If you want an amazing relationship with your daughter, you have to show up in their lives through good and bad times.


Those who oppose this claim that some people are at an advantage. It's true considering your genetics and where you were born. Imagine you dream of playing basketball professionally. Someone born in Indonesia where the average height is 62.2 inches is at a disadvantage to someone born in the Netherlands where the average height is 72.36 inches.


Likewise, a child born into a middle-class American family stands a better chance of success than someone fighting for survival in a third-world country.


These are extremes. There are always examples when someone fights the odds and rises to the top.


I argue that we need to be aware of the circumstances we can’t change but if your aspirations are to move beyond your current situation it’s time to buckle into hard work.  Look for the opportunities that are within your reach and take action to take advantage of them.


Luck will favor hard work.


Gratitude Increases Good Fortune


Gratitude is supported by scientific data. Research shows that gratitude will lessen severe aches and pains and improve sleep quality. It also increases happiness and alertness. They described themselves as more outgoing and compassionate, and less likely to feel lonely and isolated.


My goal for the first quarter of this year was to incorporate a gratitude practice into my morning routine. Just last week I reached out to a friend whose words had reframed a challenge I was experiencing in a whole new light to let her know how much that reframe had meant to me.


Here’s the response I got back:


Good morning!!!! Thank you so much for your text!!! So happy!! Love you my friend! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Who wouldn’t feel luckier with more positivity like this in their life?  


I’m not advocating for a world full of polyannas. That would be annoying.  True genuine gratitude. It costs you nothing and the payout is unlimited.


Looking for gratitude inspiration? Follow this guy or try my reflection prompts.


Do You Really Have 2020 Hindsight?


Did Taylor Swift really know he was trouble when he walked in…or was it hindsight bias?


What’s that?


Hindsight bias is the tendency to think after the fact that the event was predictable.


“I knew you were trouble” is projected to be about Tay’s break with Harry Styles.  She takes the blame for knowing better.


How has this affected your life? Is there a situation where you felt you could have predicted the outcome and downplayed the role of chance?


If we really understood the variables in a situation, we'd make better predictions. We would improve strategy.


Using hindsight to look back on that little girl who was so lucky to have her furry friend looking out for her, I’m struck by how luck has played a role in my life.  I will continue to put in the work to create opportunities for myself. Most importantly I will show gratitude to those things outside myself that bring me blessings.

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