Why are Moms Feeling Overwhelmed Right Now?

productivity Oct 21, 2021

I don’t talk politics on this blog because it’s not relevant (and I don’t want to).  Today I’m going to dip my toe in for just a moment.  There’s currently a sit-in going on at my kids school.  It has to do with vaccinations and I have my opinions but again that doesn’t matter here.


This post is about overwhelm and right now I feel like the political environment of our country is overwhelming.  I never dealt with school protests as a kid. The weight of this as a mom feels heavy.


Our kids have gone through enough dealing with a global pandemic for the last year and a half. I long for the days where my kids biggest concern was what to wear to school.


Enough about politics. Let’s look at some other signs of overwhelm that have a less divisive source.


Not in your Zone

As entrepreneurs we are forced to wear many hats. You have to do it all (even that yucky accounting stuff you don’t like).  


I’ll share myself as an example.  Tech is not my thing.  Every time I need to build a new pipeline or run a report on google analytics I start to sweat.  These projects almost always involve a heated conversation with tech support.


HELLO overwhelm.


Think to yourself “What do I most love to do? (I love it so much I can do it for long stretches of time without getting tired or bored.)” Gay Hendricks This is your zone of genius.


We need to get you to spend as much time in your zone of genius as possible.  An obvious move is delegation and if you want to read more check it out here.



“Perfect is the enemy of done”


I love that quote because it reminds me that messy work is better than getting overwhelmed by the grips of perfectionism.


If you desire to live up to other people’s standards (socially prescribed perfectionism), social media is a constant source of fuel.  I just scrolled through my Instagram feed and found picture perfect mother/daughter pics, an ad for the perfect lash extensions and a post from Iris Apfel (a 100 year old fashion influencer that looks AMAZING). 


That’s a whole LOT to live up to if your mind goes there.


Maybe your overwhelm is from living with a perfectionist.  A significant other that’s always pointing out your flaws.  A mom who’s critiquing how you disciplined Parker at last Sunday’s family dinner.


Mental Health & Overwhelm

Mental health has finally taken a place in everyday conversation.  Thanks Corona.


As a mom, the time you have to prioritize mental health is spent tending to the emotional well-being of your little ones.  You keep pushing through the hard times, the emotions and that feeling inside that you just want to SCREAM!


If you do take the steps to ask for professional help, there’s such a backlog in our system for mental health that you probably are overwhelmed just trying to find the help you need.


These are just a few reasons why moms are having a hard time holding it all together. So if you see a fellow mompreneur having a bad day send her a smile. What’s adding to your overwhelm right now? I would love to hear it in the comments.

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