Why You Fail at Everything

productivity Nov 11, 2021

It’s time for the truth, ladies. We all fail at something. We are not perfect and we never will be. The sooner you realize this, the happier you will be with your life! 


I'm going to let you in on a little secret - everyone fails sometimes! Everyone makes mistakes, but it's how we handle those failures that really matters. That's right; even me! So don't worry if you've failed before because I know that it happens to all of us. Remember - just dust yourself off and get back up again!


Let’s dive a bit deeper and look at the reasons you are setting yourself up for failure.


You Aren’t Taking Responsibility

When something goes wrong do you immediately react by pointing fingers? 


Next time let’s start by looking at what you could have done differently.  I’ll use my kids as a quick example.  This morning my daughter ratted out her brother for locking her out of the bathroom when she needed to be getting ready for school.  She could have not waited until the last minute to brush her hair and it wouldn’t have been an issue.  


It’s easy to point out the flaws in our kids but you get the idea.  We all have room for improvement here.


The Confidence Conundrum

Lack of confidence can set you up for failure in two ways. First, you don’t believe in yourself. This leads to you playing small and missing out on opportunities. Second, you’re afraid to stand out. Likely because you are afraid of being judged. 


It takes courage to show the true you and you may lose some people who don't resonate.  That’s ok because it’s the biggest risk that often see the greatest success. Instead of letting your failures define you, develop grit. 


In case you’ve never heard, Michael Jordan was passed up for his high school basketball team. He’s missed thousands of shots and in his words, “Failure is a precursor to success.”


You Throw the Towel in Too Easily

You can always succeed, even if it takes some time and effort- I know that you are capable of greatness!


Do not give up on your projects before they're completely finished; there will be reward for patience. It may seem like a failure when things don’t work out immediately or at all as planned but sometimes success comes with its own set of challenges which we must learn how to tackle head on rather than avoiding them altogether by giving into defeat


You Stay in Your Circle

Your network is your net worth.  It’s true you need to collaborate. You need to network. It’s possible you’re not reaching your goals because you don’t have the right connections to make it happen. Or, maybe you don’t have an excellent role model to show you how it’s done.


You’re Too Emotional

If you’re struggling with feedback or criticism, take a deep breath and remember that life is hard. We can't let our feelings get in the way of what needs to be done- even if it's difficult at first! Life is hard and we can't let our feelings get in the way. If someone gives you feedback or criticism, put on your big girl panties and take it in.   

In the end, success is not a destination. It’s an ongoing process that requires you to be your own best friend and cheerleader. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you. So if you are feeling down about a setback or failure, know this – it doesn’t mean anything other than this momentary blip on your journey towards self-confidence and personal greatness! Share this post with someone who needs some cheering up today 🙂

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