Your Ideal Week, Exploring Planning’s Super Power

time management May 27, 2021

Do you wonder how you’ll ever find the time to work on your big project? You’re ready to be more than just a Mom.


You’re not going to believe this but there’s a tool to find time for whatever it is that you want in your life.  It’s simple but not always easy.


It’s called the Ideal Week. It’s a downloadable template that will move your life from reactive to proactive.  It’s your life.  OWN IT!


The purpose is to find an intersection between your dreams and your realities.


Here’s what mine looks like today.

Steps to Create Your Own

  1. Do a brain dump of everything that is and you would like to have in your schedule. Include all your tasks and habits.
  2. Print out the template and use a pencil to time-block in all the actionable items (I make a lot of edits along the way)
  3. Recheck for happiness.  This is your ideal week, so make sure the week you have planned out makes you smile. Yes that means time with friends or time to chill.
  4. Finally it’s time to execute and refine.  Your ideal week will always be a work in progress because life changes with the seasons.  I revisit mine every quarter.


Words of Wisdom

  • Make sure to never throw away past copies.  It’s a good starting point.
  • You can organize your week by time-block and also use the grey zones along the top and left hand side to organize by themes
  • Think of this as a budget for your time.  Sometimes you’re going to go over budget and sometimes you’ll hoard time.  Don’t expect perfection but it’s always better to have a blueprint.

Need an extra push to do the work to find the time to pursue your dreams?  Remember those little ones are watching.  They know you deserve more too.

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