The Life Skill for Homeschooling and Beyond

Apr 14, 2020

“I complain a lot about the schedule, but I kind of like it” my teenager commented in our fourth week of quarantine.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized this was a breakthrough. She was seeing the value of planning out the day.

One thing they don’t teach in schools is how to organize time. Kids follow a bell schedule and sometime in upper elementary school, a daily planner is tossed their way.  That’s about it.

When coronavirus made me a homeschool teacher overnight, I grabbed onto this school day routine that was making the rounds on social media. 

It was too rigid for my crew but it got us through that first week.  More importantly, it opened up conversations about time blocking.

“The idea is simple,” best selling author Cal Newport explains, “Assign specific times on your schedule for when you want to complete specific tasks.”

It creates a rhythm for the day.  Both the kids and the parents...

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I’m Coining a New Phrase to Explain Why I Forget

Apr 07, 2020

And arming you with a simple trick so it won’t happen to you

“Did you make your bed this morning?” I asked as I’m getting ready to send my son off to school.

“No, Mom, it’s housekeeper day,” he replies.

“That’s tomorrow,” and as the words come out of my mouth, I start to panic just a bit. I quickly check my calendar. He’s RIGHT! I’m not prepared, and more importantly, how did I let this slide by me?

I’m chalking this up to calendar blindness. Is that a thing? Probably not, but let me explain.

Do you have recurring events in your calendar that are so routine that you glance right past them without taking notice?

I’m excited to meet up with some girlfriends today for lunch, and I know I have to put some time into my high priority projects, but I had forgotten about the housekeepers. I’m so grateful for their work and I hate feeling unprepared for them.

This is how I’m going to fix it.

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A Good Night’s Sleep Makes for a Better Tomorrow

Apr 07, 2020

But just how much is enough?

“Sleeping well won’t make you successful, but not sleeping enough will hold you back” James Clear

I earned the nickname Sleeping Beauty during the Tahoe Ragnar Trail Relay last summer. Ragnar is a long-distance team, overnight running relay that covers roughly 120 miles. Not a place you go to catch up on your sleep.

But I take my sleep very seriously, so the camping site we had set up to rest between loops was my sanctuary. I had packed a duffel bag twice my size with EVERYTHING I needed to catch some z’s (extra blankets and cushy mat included). The teasing commenced the second I pulled that behemoth out of the trunk, but I got the last laugh when they tossed and turned on their cots.

Sleep is a new buzzword in productivity, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Good riddance to burning the midnight oils to get it all done (that never seemed to work for me anyway).

Now if someone could tell us just how much sleep we need:


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