5 Benefits of Coaching that will Change Your Life

Jun 04, 2020

What is going on with the coaching industry?  There are coaches to help your high schooler apply to college.  There are coaches that teach you how to use specific software applications. If you want to get great at something… there’s a coach for that.

We’ve been struggling with getting our kids in bed before we want to pass out lately.  Yep, there’s a coach for that too.

Is there a coach for the frantically busy?  Someone to ease your mom guilt and give you the tools to seek a purpose in the everyday?

Yes, it’s called productivity coaching.  Here’s why it’s life-changing:


The power of an outside perspective. Remember when you were trying to perfect your pike jump in high school?  You would practice over and over in front of the mirror at home, but it wasn’t until your coach pointed out that your arms needed to fully extend did you nail it.  

The same goes for your personal...

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