Why a Fulfilling Life is Unique for Everyone

Nov 05, 2020

How’s life?  You answer that question almost every day and “I’m fine” slips out without thought.


What does that mean? It’s different for everyone.


It’s our privilege as humans to pursue a life of fulfillment.  But that is such a subjective idea.  What seems to be a fulfilling life as a teenager is entirely different than a busy mom in her 30s.


I recently listened to an interview with Nastia Liukin.  A five-time Olympic Gold medalist.  As a kid, she felt blessed to pursue her dreams at the highest levels, but the career of an Olympic gymnast has a short lifespan.  She had to redefine herself in her mid-twenties.


You may not have the desire to go for the gold but we can all relate to having to redefine our dreams.


Let’s look at the factors that make up a fulfilled life.


Making Time for Everything

This is impossible. Or is it?


Life balance is a joke.  If you...

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How to Rest and Digest Like a Boss

May 28, 2020

Today I will take you back to science class. Don’t worry, we won’t dissect anything. The smell of formaldehyde still brings back images of large toads and awkward safety goggles.

Just a brief lesson on the autonomic nervous system and how it regulates our internal organs.  This system has two sets of nerves, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  

The sympathetic nervous system regulates the fight-or-flight response. When you are working from home and the kids fight in the next room, you lose focus on responding to that email.  Your heart pounds and all you want to do is jump out of your chair and run down the hall to scream at your kids.  That’s your fight-or-flight response in action.

Now picture yourself at the beach.  You’re lounging with your toes in the sand.  Feeling relaxed listening to the waves crash and watching your kids play happily building sandcastles.  This state of bliss is your...

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