How to Stop Shiny Object Syndrome & Crush Your Goals

Jan 20, 2022



Where did your mind go?


I think of Dug the sweet but easily distractable dog from the Pixar movie UP. 


I just opened another tab in my browser and found Pixar’s Instagram account.  Did you know Dug has a series of shorts out now on Disney+? That would be fun to watch with the kids.


It’s been 15 minutes but now I’m back to writing this post. This is my brain chasing squirrels.


It’s fun to follow the sparkle of a shiny object but beware.  Shiny object syndrome can pull you off course in chasing your goals. How do you stop it?


I’ve given you some tools on how to focus but today let me give you some questions to consider when there’s a shiny object is dangling between you and that goal you wrote down on January 1st.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Curb Shiny Object Syndrome and Keep Focused on Your Goals


  1. What is my top goal for the next 3-6 months?   


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How to Use Reflection to Influence Your Goals

Jan 13, 2022

The text read: Would you ever do Ragnar Tahoe again? 


My heart skipped a beat. One of my dearest friends was asking me to join a trail running event. Not just any trail run but the one I completed 2 years ago that was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I reread the message and my heart sank.  It’s a 24hour team relay event that was planned on my son's 12th birthday.


I texted back, “OHHH I would do it again but that’s Chase’s birthday…let me think on that one.”


I wanted to hold onto the dream of experiencing that trail run with one of my besties for a few more moments.  In my heart, I knew my answer had to be NO. Ragnar Tahoe will be there again next year but I could only celebrate my son’s 12th birthday once. 


Ironically if you look at my goals for 2022 I’ve listed finish another trail race. But when the opportunity presented itself, I had to make a choice, and the option...

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End of Year Review for Mompreneurs

Dec 30, 2021

In another lifetime (pre-kids) I worked as a pharma rep.  I would schlep drug samples to doctor’s offices all around Sacramento, the East Bay, and Napa.  At the end of the year, I would have a performance review with my District Manager.  A process many of you know if you ever spent time working for someone else.  


Regardless of whether the review was positive or negative, you always learn something about yourself. Today I want to make a case for how you can spin this process for your mom biz.


Let’s take a look:


Your Accomplishments

You need to celebrate those wins.  Take some time to review what you accomplished in 2021. Do you have a brag file? If so, great! Spend some time flipping through it. If not, here are some tips to spark your memory.

  • Review your calendar
  • Scroll through photos
  • Revisit social media posts
  • Flip through your journal


Day to Day

How you spend your time, regardless of what’s on your...

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Multitasking Is It Good or Evil

Dec 02, 2021

It's easy to see why multitasking is so tempting. We're all busy and it seems like we can do more in less time when we work on multiple projects at once. But research has shown that our brain can't actually handle doing two tasks simultaneously, which means that the quality of both will suffer. So what are your thoughts? Is multitasking good or evil? Let’s explore this a little further.


As many of you know I’ve been spending a lot of time on Clubhouse because I enjoy connecting, inspiring, and learning from others on the app.  It has also increased the time I spend multitasking because I’ve been drawn in by the lure of not wanting to miss out on a conversation. I find myself “clubhousing” while checking emails or making lunch.  Right in line with the oxford definition the performance of more than one task at the same time. I get into trouble when I try to “clubhouse” and complete more demanding tasks.  For example, if...

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Make Time to Be More Creative

Nov 18, 2021

Has mama guilt stolen your creativity?


There are not enough hours in the day to do everything. Sometimes, you look at your to-do list and wonder how it got so long. You might even think that adding more things to it won't make a difference because there just isn't time for them all! 


What if I told you that making time for imagination is worth doing? Creativity can be very therapeutic and fun too! Here are some ways to find the creativity inside of you: 


Consciously Absorb New Information

Be fully present and experience everything, without filter.  You can do this by consuming information with an open mind that allows you the freedom of thought (and creativity). It's like being a baby again - take it all in!


Uncritically viewing your world gives new experiences their power. Knowledge becomes something exciting rather than scary or intimidating.


Want some more shortcuts? Try letting go completely at times (meditation is perfect for...

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How to Gain Energy and Boost Happiness

Nov 04, 2021

There’s something magical about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Jelly on toast is good. The same with peanut butter toast but when you smash the two together OMG!  It’s too good to be true.


I think there’s the same magic between energy and happiness.  You can have each one independently but when you smash them together BAM!


Here’s how I see the relationship working. When you soothe your nerves, you build up an inner abundance and boost your energy. In turn that energy boosts happiness


I like to have a “playbook” of my go tos when my energy is low. If I'm having a bad day a bubble bath, or reading a book can reset my mind and get me out of my headspace. Here’s another one that’s a bit more challenging, random acts of kindness. BONUS: it fills the tanks of others. 


I'll share a quick example. I was out on a girl’s night to celebrate a birthday. The waitress came over and...

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A Mompreneur Guide to Taking Control of Your Life

Oct 28, 2021

There’s a simple tweak in the way you phrase a sentence that will increase your chances of achieving your dreams by 52%. 


Yep, there's a scientific study to back it up.  I’ll get to that in a minute but first, let's get into how to take control of your life.


Fear Factor

When you feel out of control, often fear is in the driving seat.  With fear at the wheel, you end up in places you never wanted to go.  It’s a bit like following the Waze walking directions in a big city when you don’t have cell reception.  You just end up walking in circles (or is that just me).


Fears are different for everyone and it seems fitting this is going out on the week of Halloween. Here are a few that are common to mompreneurs:


Never Figuring it Out

As moms, our kids look to us for all the answers.  In reality, you fear that you're never going to figure out this life, you're never going to figure out your purpose, you're...

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How to Focus Fast

Oct 07, 2021

“Who you are, what you see, feel and do, what you love - is the sum of what you focus on.” This is a quote by Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work. The book is a deep dive into the ability to focus without distractions.


Focus is a gift in our distracted society. It’s a skill that allows you to produce better work in a shorter amount of time.


I’ve written about focus before here and here.


Today I want to focus (HA) on the way to get into the focus zone FAST!


A surefire way to create laser focus when you need to get stuff done is to create a routine to ritualize deep work.  In other words, you will be performing a series of tasks to signal to your body it’s time to go into focus mode.


This will minimize your need to lean on willpower to increase concentration.


Let’s say for example you decide right after reading this sentence that you need to finish planning your social media posts for the remainder of...

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Transition Time is Not Just for Kindergarteners

Aug 05, 2021

“One, Two, Three, all eyes on me!”

When a kindergarten teacher calls out this chant to a rowdy group of five-year-olds, something magical happens. The kids chant back “One, Two, Three eyes on you,” and suddenly, the classroom has gone from chaos to focused attention.

We don’t have to leave this magic in grade school. Find a comfy place on the carpet because today’s story is all about the power of transitions.

Let’s brainstorm for a minute the transitions you come across in a day:

  • Getting out of bed
  • Heading off to work
  • Moving from one project (or errand) to the next
  • Ending your workday
  • Picking the kids up from school
  • Meeting with a coworker or friend
  • Going to bed

This list can go on and on, but you get the idea. I’m not talking about significant life changes here, just the small changes that happen in the course of your day.

Have you thought about those changes? What you do in the moments before you walk into the gym or sit down at...

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Reflection Prompts that Get Results

Jul 08, 2021

What will you keep, improve, start or stop doing?


I answer this question very early every Sunday morning.  I don’t always have all the answers but just spending time pondering that question has given me some amazing breakthroughs.


I’ll share one with ya.  I registered for an online summit a few weeks back but it fell on a weekend.  I wasn’t sure how I could attend but not take myself away from my family 100%. I decided to book a road trip that same weekend and planned our drive times around the zoom calls.


Did I get to attend every speaker I wanted to listen to? NO! 


But I did get to attend.  I made some amazing connections, picked up a ton of knowledge, and my kids were blissful when they hit the beach.


It was a hail mary effort I threw together at the last moment but when I reflected back, it was the perfect solution for a virtual weekend conference.

Are you ready to harness the power of reflection?...

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