8 Fun Ways to Keep Motivated

May 07, 2020

How is it May already?  I have a confession.  The task of packing up our winter gear (Uggs, rain boots, ski stuff) has been on my to-do list for weeks. And now it’s MAY!

I started by cleaning all the boots but now I have a line of clean boots to put away.  A cute line of Uggs reminding me of my unfinished project each time I walk into the garage.

Somewhere between finding my soft bristle brush to whisk away dirt and letting the clean boots dry before the next treatment, I lost motivation. Where’s the fun in storing away winter?

Motivation is a fickle thing.  It can up and leave during projects big or small but nobody want’s to leave a party when they’re having fun.  

Here it is...8 ways to make motivation FUN!

  1. Find that easy next step.  If you have a giant project staring down at you, of course, you can’t fight the urge to snuggle back in when your alarm goes off.  Instead of hitting snooze, find one task that...
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