My Favorite Way to Show Gratitude

Nov 10, 2022

Bravo to you!


Nice!! And not a problem!! love you too!


Good morning!!!! Thank you so much for your text!!! So happy!! Love you, my friend!


How would you like to get messages like this on your phone on the regular?


I'm going to share with you a practice I started about a year ago that has blown my phone up with these messages and made life more meaningful.


I want to talk about my favorite way to show gratitude. This practice fills my phone with messages like the ones above. 


When you hear the words gratitude practice, your mind may go to writing in a journal or gathering around a Thanksgiving table. 


I practice differently.  I send a message of gratitude to someone.  It could be a friend, family member, coworker, etc.  I recognize them for having done something good.


Acknowledge them with detail. Check out the video above for an example. If you want a deeper dive into gratitude, I held a masterclass on...

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The Art of Delegating Effectively

Oct 20, 2022

When you're stressed or feeling like you can't keep your head above water, taking a little something off your plate is the best feeling.


A good way to achieve this is through delegation, but so many of us get it wrong or have fears surrounding it.


Myself included. 


In order to focus more on growing my business, I hired a virtual assistant about a year ago. Her responsibilities included engaging my followers on Instagram. After a few months, I realized that the $$ I was sinking into that was a waste. It wasn't because she wasn't doing her job, but because I hadn't grown my brand voice and account to the point that it was ready to take over.


Lesson #1 delegate the right stuff. Check to see if the task you are passing off can be done better by whoever is getting it, or if it is one you are running smoothly and can be passed on with a detailed workflow. Where do you find "the right stuff"?

  • Make a list of your tasks
  • Identify your most leverage work (your...
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Why Creativity Needs a Time Block

Sep 29, 2022

When does creativity strike? 


I'm a runner. I often experience my aha moments on the trail. Also, I am a morning person. I find my focus is better in the early morning hours, but it's different for everyone. 


The Creative Process

Let's talk about your creative process. In 1940, an advertising executive named James Webb Young published a short guide titled “A Technique for Producing Ideas”. I want to explore his concept of the creative process, and why it goes beyond a spark. 


The first step is to gather ideas, experiences, and information, regardless of your creative outlet, The painter can gather ideas in nature. The content creator may need to get out there and experience life. This can fit into a time block.


Step two is to reason and consciously think about what you want to create. This is the step in the process where we connect ideas in new and different ways. As Mark Twain wrote, “There is no such thing as a new...

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You Found Free Time, Now What?

Sep 01, 2022

Do you remember the time when the stars aligned and you had a pocket of time all to yourself?


While I cleaned up dinner last Sunday, hubby had his fantasy football draft and the kids decided to go to the gym instead of hanging out with me.


My Sundays are spent planning out my week, doing housework, and hanging out with my family. I was sad at first that the kiddos didn’t want to hang with me but I have a teenager and preteen so I shouldn’t be too surprised.


One of my favorite indulgences is to take a bath. Since it was the end of the day, I quickly filled the tub and grabbed a book. I’m currently reading Ditching the Dream by my friend Bethany Clemson.


I emerged from the tub feeling better than ever. Were there loads of housework that still needed to be done? Was I tempted to mindlessly scroll through videos of how other people clean their homes? Yes to both!


I chose the bath with clarity and purpose because I knew the gift of...

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Four Ways to Make Time for Your Growing Business

Aug 25, 2022

Life has seasons. I’ve written about this before.


Choosing the path of entrepreneurship leads to one hectic and exciting season: growing your business. However, if we are not careful, this can quickly lead to burnout.  The combination of coffee-fueled late nights and dragging yourself out of bed in the morning is a recipe for disaster.


Your caffeinated growth sprint may feel like an impossible task when you're piled with the duties of motherhood (or just life).


Here are some ideas for how to add more hours into your business that won’t push you into overwhelm.


Delegate House Duties

You can delegate other aspects of your life when work spreads you thin like butter on toast.  A good place to begin is to look at those who live under your roof.  


When I decided to go back to work, my husband (bless his heart) assumed laundry duties. Since he works from home, it's easy for him to throw in the wash while he's on a...

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How to Plan Your Day

Jun 16, 2022

You can choose how you want to proceed! Your day begins when you awaken, and it can take two paths.


The first is that you head straight into the office with your morning coffee.  Your phone is blowing up with text messages from friends and clients. Right away, you start putting out fires: sending an email to a client who needs one, checking in with your dad to see how his doc appointment went yesterday, and confirming details with the contractor about to begin work on your kitchen remodel.


Next thing you know, it's 8 am and the kids are up and hungry. It's time to make breakfast, get everyone ready, and take the kids to camp. You're back in the office at 10am, and there are a flood of emails to wade through. In about an hour, you pull your head out of email to take your client's call, eat a quick lunch at your desk and finally get some time to work on your big project before you have to pick up the kids.


In the next scenario, you wake up and begin your...

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Your Vacation is Important, Make it Happen

Jun 02, 2022

“Go to your happy place.”

Usually when you hear those words, it’s seconds before you have to endure some form of necessary torture.


In my mind, I escape to a hammock that hangs between two palm trees on a remote island in Bora Bora.  I have a rum blended beverage in my hand with a pink umbrella adorning the top. To my right is the crystal clear turquoise waters dotted by overwater bungalows and to my left is an infinity edged pool.


This idyllic scene is so real because I visited it on my honeymoon 18 years ago. Vacation memories provide mental escapes during times of stress but there are so many other reasons to not skip out on your vacation this summer.  Let's explore more.



Chronic stress permeates modern life. Working full-time or caring for a family creates stress that builds up daily.  The daily stress needs to be managed, but for a BIG reset, we need to get away.


There’s scientific data to back...

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Secrets to Time Blocking

May 26, 2022

The time is 9 a.m. on a Monday morning as I type this, and I know what I need to do when I sit down at my desk, because this is my writing block. In fact, most of my day goes like this since I chose to plan out my week in timeblocks.


You may have heard me profess my love for timeblocks before and I explain what they are right here.


Ready to take time blocking to the next level? Today I want to discuss some secrets to time blocking.


Time Blocking is Not for Everyone

Here is the first thing I’m going to do: I want to make sure if you should even bother reading this.


Do you consider yourself a classic creative? Many creatives don't want to be told what to do. They don't even want to tell themselves what to do. Being over-scheduled increases their stress level. 


Those of you who are not in charge of their own time, because you may work for someone who controls your time, or may be required to change direction quickly because of your job,...

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"No Time" is a Terrible Excuse for Not Hiring a Coach

May 19, 2022

Don't lie to yourself by saying "I don't have time."


If you're trying to develop a skill, you can't give the excuse that you don't have time.  It just means that it isn't a priority for you right now.


Let’s say your phone rings right now and your kid is sick at school. Do you say “I have no time to come pick him up”? 


Of course not! You make the time by moving things around in your day. Some meetings might get canceled. Maybe you let some things fall off your list. If you’re out of town, you find someone that will go get your sick kiddo and bring him home to rest.


I call bullshit on the excuse that you don’t have enough time.


We can all squeeze time when given a budget.


The reality is it’s not a priority. If you don't make time for the things that are important in your life, they will start withering away. That’s a whole different strategy.


“I don’t have time,” can...

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What Time Wasters Do You Struggle With Most?

May 05, 2022

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, don't we? How often have you heard that and wanted to roll your eyes and walk away?


Time is a resource that’s dolled out evenly to all humans but we are playing with different cards in our hands.


I can’t change the cards in your hand but I can help you identify how you’re wasting time in the game.


Common Time Wasters

Social media, email, notifications and meetings are on the top of everyone’s list. I’ve covered these subjects here, here, and here. I’ll be doing a deep dive into email later this year but if you want some quick wins check out this post.


You can also limit personal stuff to after work hours to minimize these external distractions.

I’m not saying you should be rude, but draw clear boundaries.  


I'll give you an example. Every few days I go to a neighborhood gym before work. While bumping into my friends and neighbors is often fun, sometimes a...

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