Giving Back for Mental Health Awareness

The day I bought my first Franklin Covey Planner in the 90s is a fond memory.  The idea of categorizing tasks into different quadrants of urgency and importance (Eisenhower Matrix) blew my mind.

Yes, I geeked out on my planner.  

Fast forward another ten years and my baby girl taught me that life doesn’t always fit into neat little boxes.  She was a colicky baby and to this day a free-spirited girl.  She challenges the status quo while I grip my to-do lists.  

Every brain is wired differently. I agreed, in theory, but I didn’t grasp the concept until I was changing its diapers.  

These struggles turned into a journey to redefine mental health.  I won’t get into all the gritty details here but if you want to hear more reach out.  Today, mental health is at the core of Life After Busy.   You need to take care of your mind to craft your best life.  

Do you need a row of tidy boxes to check or a dance party to PINK to make it through today?

It’s pretty obvious by now but I’m going to say it anyway. I’m an advocate for mental health and ADHD awareness is an issue near and dear to my heart.  

My daughter and I wrote It’s Just Me and My ADHD, to help girls in their journey to embracing life after an ADHD diagnosis.  We are proud to donate a book to a library of your choice when you begin coaching.  

We know one small ebook won’t change the world but it’s our hope that it can make a difference in the life of one girl.  

Ready to give back to mental health and start coaching today?

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